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It Pays To Protect

Protect your property with Zandertight™ solutions that will stand the test of time.
Blindside Waterproofing
Used to protect the space beneath elevator pits, tunnels, steam conduits and foundations, blindside waterproofing prevents water from seeping up though your foundation and damaging your property.
Foundational Waterproofing
To keep water from compromising your foundation’s walls, liquid and sheet waterproofing solutions are combined to create a lasting seal.
Air Barriers
Air and moisture barriers keep the airflow of your building under control, protecting the overall integrity of your structure.
Concrete Restoration
Whatever your concrete’s current state, we’ll work with you to bring it back to life. Using high-quality epoxy in a 3-4 coat system, we’ll ensure your damaged concrete is fully-restored and Zandertight™.
Great for restoration and immune to salt corrosion, this waterproofing solution protects the concrete beneath parking garages, patios, decks and any other structures exposed to the elements.
Silane Sealers
An effective concrete sealant, silane penetrates all cracks and crevasses and dries clear, keeping your project pristine and fully-protected.
Expansion Joints
To safely absorb the natural expansion and contraction of concrete, expansion joints are installed within a structure. We’ll work with you to determine the most effective placement, amount, and type to best keep your concrete intact.
Beautiful, sturdy and built to last, synthetic stucco acts as an exterior insulation finishing system (EIFS) for your building. Our expert applicators can match the texture and color to your taste, leaving your property stylish and safe.
Veneer Stone
Expertly laid to create a beautiful and durable exterior finish, veneer stones are a stunning addition to any building. We have countless styles of both natural and manufactured stones to perfectly match your property’s unique style.
Whether it’s old caulking that needs to be replaced, or a new project that needs to be sealed, we have the experience and expertise to get the job done right and Zandertight™.
Hot-Applied System
Ideal for large flat surfaces, hot-applied systems produce a single, extremely durable layer of waterproofing material that subtly diverts rainfall away from your building to proper drainage systems.

We’re proud to provide high - quality solutions and service to some of the industry’s leading construction companies and contractors.

"Zander is second to none in scope, work, and quality. I would highly recommend them for any commercial construction job."

- Jon B.

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