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Epoxy Flooring

Strong Coatings for Serious Garages

Epoxy floors is a particularly new option for homeowners. It can take an existing concrete ground and make it renewed, using many unique colors, create an entirely new appearance and for your garage floor.

Epoxy is a chemical compound constituted of a few varieties of polymers and prepolymers. Epoxy floors generally combine a hardening element with the epoxy resin to create a smooth, durable plastic surface.


Why Epoxy is the Right Garage Floor Solution

Because of it’s nature, epoxy flooring is long-lasting and durable. The surface will last a long time and remain a silky polished floor. This aspect also provides spill resistance so cleaning up messes is hassle-free and quick – perfect for a garage.

Resistance to Blemishes
When the bond is formed between the resin and hardening components, not only is an extremely hard surface created, but it also bonds with the layer underneath. Since the epoxy flooring is bonded strongly to the existing floor, it does not have the ability to shift or detach.

Epoxy has the ability to be applied in many different scenarios. It can be added to an existing concrete floor to make your floor look new or be used as a completely new flooring with many different color and styling options to create a stand out floor.

Styling Options
Virtually any type of materials can be added into an epoxy resin mixture to create different styles of texture underneath the smooth clear surface.

color options
epoxy flooring

Benefits of Epoxy Floors

  • High durability
  • Resistance to blemishes
  • Flexibility
  • Many styling options
  • Long-lasting


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