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Residential Basement Solutions

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Keep your home sealed and safe with Zandertight™ solutions that will stand the test of time.
Existing Water Issues
Whatever your current water problems may be, we can help. We’ll work quickly and carefully to find the source of the issue, apply a Zandertight™ solution, and prevent it from ever returning.
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Egress Window Wells
Sensible and stylish, an egress window well safely runs water away from your home, provides an additional emergency exit, and lets some natural light into your basement.
From new construction to existing water issues, we have countless Zandertight™ solutions that will keep your home sealed & dry.
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Radon Testing & Mitigation
An odorless, colorless and lethal gas, radon is found in one out of every fifteen homes. From testing to mitigating, our experts will ensure your home is safe and sound.
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"We would recommend Zander Solutions to anyone who has waterproofing needs—old or new. Thanks for the great work!"

- Theresa H.

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