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Our licensed experts will test the radon levels in your home and, if necessary, install cost-effective mitigation systems to keep your family safe and sound.

Our Zandertight™ Solutions


It only takes a simple electronic monitor in your basement or crawlspace to test your home’s radon levels. Within 48 hours we’ll provide you with a detailed report and determine how to best protect your home.


If your radon levels are above 4PCI/L, our professional mitigation experts will install a quality, cost-effective system that will reduce the radon levels in your home to a safe, healthy level.

NRPP + AARST Certified

Our licensed radon mitigation and measurement experts are certified by both the National Radon Proficiency Program and the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technicians.

"Zander was easy to get ahold of, pleasant to work with, and very straightforward. They talked through everything with us ahead of time, so we knew exactly what was being installed. Now, we have no more radon in our basement, and our home feels safe again"

- Elizabeth F.

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