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Zander employee shoveling out a window well

How Can Basement Waterproofing Improve The Value of My Home?

Thinking about selling your home (today or five years from now)? Trying to decide if basement waterproofing is worth the costs? As advocates for helping our clients save money, we wanted to share all of the ways waterproofing your basement can improve the value of your home. We’re here to answer one of our customer’s top-waterproofing questions:

How can basement waterproofing improve the value of my home?

  1. When house hunting, buyers will gain confidence knowing your home has recently been waterproofed, and is now better protected against the elements.
  2. Waterproofing will reduce moisture in your basement, and thus increases the likelihood that your house will pass a house inspection.
  3. Basement waterproofing before you sell your home means the basement is all set to be finished without additional waterproofing steps for the new home owner.
  4. A new home is a major investment, and waterproofing shows potential buyers that their home has an extra layer of protection.