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Structural Foundation Repair

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

Over time, the soils around your structure will create pressure on your foundation walls. This may cause the walls to crack or bow. The installation of carbon fiber reinforcement or power bracing can prevent future wall movement. Depending on the composition of the wall and severity of the wall condition, Zander Solutions will work with a structural engineer to determine which system should be used.


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Power Bracing

Power bracing is a foundation repair system designed to stabilize buckles, bowing or tilting of the wall utilizing a steel beam system. Power bracing provides structural support for your foundation and requires an expert to properly install and support the structure. 

Our steel brace wall reinforcements reduce the probability of contained buckling or water leaking problems in the future and are a permanent solution to a foundation issue. 


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Foundation Repairs Using Carbon Fiber Straps

Typically, a basement wall begins to “give” when hydrostatic pressure exerts itself against the wall resulting in the water in the ground outside your home saturating the soil and expanding.  This expansion or pressure is what damages your foundation.

Properly installed carbon fiber straps will create a repair stronger than steel beams. The strap’s role is to distribute the inward pressure across the entire wall.

The installation process for carbon fiber is  simple:  the area of the wall where the strip will go is ground flat and a bed of high-strength epoxy is applied.   Depending on the size of the wall, carbon fiber repairs can be done in a day.  When the carbon fiber strap has been applied to the wall, it is only a fraction of an inch thick. It can be painted or a stud wall can be constructed over it if the basement is to be finished.

The key to successful installation is working with a professional who understands the nature of the damage and can specify the proper number and location of carbon fiber straps.