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For Home Builders and New Construction

When it comes to building homes, we know how important it is to get the job done right, right on budget, and right on time. We know, because we’ve been working with home builders, project managers, and contractors for over 40 years, installing the same dependable foundation and basement waterproofing products. Whether you’re building one home a month, or one hundred, you’ll have an entire division of waterproofing pros dedicated to keeping your builds on time, under budget, and above expectations.


Consider the Best Solution

In certain situations, excavation and exterior waterproofing are the best solution to solve your basement water intrusion problems. 

Without proper waterproofing protection, basement walls are susceptible to three main forms of moisture – leaks, seepage and interior condensation.  We use the best complete exterior waterproofing system available on the market. 

With TUFF-N-DRI® Basement Waterproofing System you can rest assured that you space will be water-free. It also provides an opportunity to install the foundation board that helps keep the foundation wall temperatures closer to the air temperature of the basement, and help reduce interior condensation.

Foundation Waterproofing

Spraying and insulating, Drain tile, foot lock bracing and insulcrete systems.

Horizontal Waterproofing

Precast garage or front stoop wood cellar we have the solution to keep your new home dry.

Egress Window Wells

Installation of window wells for new construction homes with assurance of lasting quality. 

Radon Mitigation

Assuring that the new construction homes are safe and ready for new homeowners. 


EFIS allows for a water-resistant and insulated finished surface that is durable and aesthetic. 

Epoxy Floors

Adding a finished concrete floor to the new space can increase the value and style of the newly constructed home. 


Our Pros

Our pros are not only experts in all basement waterproofing methods, they’re certified in the industry’s leading residential and commercial waterproofing systems. Which means they know how to get the job done right, right on time, and all for the right price.

waterproofed wallswaterproofed walls
home under constructionhome under construction
wall with waterproofing appliedwall with waterproofing applied
wall with waterproof panels attachedwall with waterproof panels attached
inside a home with floor waterproofinginside a home with floor waterproofing
home construction with floor waterproofinghome construction with floor waterproofing
home under constructionhome under construction


Looking for a Solution?

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Build Your Home Right

At Zander Solutions, we understand that a basement can represent a very large portion of your living space. Installation of your waterproofing system should takes our installers one to two days under normal conditions.

Our company uses quality TUFF-N-DRI® products –  America’s #1 brand of waterproofing for new basements. It protects against three main sources of moisture from basement walls — leaks, seepage, and interior condensation. 

When considering selecting the right company for you project, make sure your contractor has experience in exterior waterproofing application, provides great product and service.