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Below you’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question of your own, please, give us a call or send us a message and one of our waterproofing pros will get you an answer in no time.

Waterproofing Frequently Asked Questions

What are common warning signs of basement flooding? / What can cause my basement to flood?

Water stains, calcification build up, foundation cracks, and standing water are the most common warning signs of basement flooding. Learn more about common signs here: 4 Signs of Basement Flooding

What should I do if my basement floods?

If your basement is flooding, the first step is to locate the source of the water. Common places to look are; foundation cracks, plumbing, appliances, sinks, etc. If the water is coming through pipes, shut off your water and call your plumber right away. If the water is coming through a window or foundation crack, call Zander Solutions and we’ll be there in no-time for a free consultation.

Does my basement need to dry before waterproofing?

In most cases, your basement does not need to dry before waterproofing can be completed. We will install drain tile systems when there is up to one-inch of water standing to help decrease drain the water. If you’ve got foundation or window cracks, Zander Solutions will complete crack injections to stop the flooding, and water does not need to be gone before this work is completed either.

What is the average cost to waterproof a basement?

Waterproofing costs can fluctuate from home to home, with many contributing factors. The cost of waterproofing can be impacted heavily by the following factors: the scope of work, the accessibility of the needed repair, and if any remodeling is needed following the possible water damage. Learn more about how to prepare for waterproofing here:

How long will it take to waterproof my basement?

Depending on the waterproofing needed, Zander Solutions typically completes waterproofing projects between one-week and one-month from the date the project began.

How often should I have my home assessed for basement waterproofing?

Before purchasing a new home, we recommend having the home inspected for waterproofing issues. Additionally, if you’re considering selling your home, to improve the value, waterproofing assessments are recommended prior to listing your home on the market.   

Can I paint over foundation repairs or crack injections?

Yes, you can paint over foundation repairs or crack injections. The material can be painted over and sanded once the work has dried.

Where in my home is waterproofing required/suggested?

Common places to consider for waterproofing are; basements, foundations, windows, doors, roofing, and siding.

Will my insurance cover waterproofing?

This is dependent on your insurance plan. We recommend contacting your insurance company to confirm what plan includes.

Radon Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have radon in my home?

Radon is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, so a test must be done to know if you have radon in your home. Contact Zander Solutions for radon testing at 

What are the symptoms of radon poisoning?

Common symptoms of Radon poisoning are; persistent cough, fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pain, weight loss. Learn more about the symptoms of radon poisoning, and what to do if you believed you’ve been exposed to radon:

What do I do if I have radon in my home?

For Radon levels meeting or exceeding 4.0, mitigation must be completed. Once radon is detected, mitigation must be installed. Every home can be remedied from radon. Contact Zander Solutions for radon testing and mitigation by calling 1-833-928-1429, or email us at 

Zander Solutions conducts testing pre and post mitigation. After mitigation has been completed, we’ll re-visit your home in 5-7 days, allowing us to ensure mitigation has decreased your radon levels below 4.0.

How do I test for radon?

When selling a home, a professional radon inspection is required. Contact Zander Solutions for radon testing and mitigation by calling 1-833-928-1429, or email us at

Additionally, homeowners can purchase a test at the hardware store, but these are not approved for home inspection.

How much does it cost to get rid of radon?

Average costs for Radon Mitigation ranges between $800 and $2,500.

How often should I have my home tested for radon?

The EPA recommends radon testing every two years.