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Zander employees installing drain tiles

Top 4 Warning Signs of Basement Flooding

Often times, we’re unsure of the basement flooding warnings, even when they’re right in front of us. Zander Solutions is sharing the common warning signs of basement flooding so you can be prepared with basement waterproofing before it’s too late. The below list is a great place to start when assessing your current home for potential basement flooding, or when buying a new home:

  1. Water Stains
    • Water stains on basement floors or walls means your basement has already seen some flooding, and is likely to see it again at times of rainfall.
    • For finished basements, dark staining on baseboard trim, or discoloration of drywall is also an indication of water problems.
  2. Calcification Build-Up
    • White calcification build-up on basement floors or walls is a good indication that water has already been present.
  3. Foundation Cracks
    • If you look closely at wall tiles, or hairline cracks in your basement foundation, it may be easy to see if moisture has made its way through them.
    • It’s also important to note, that foundation cracks are a warning sign of possible future basement flooding.
    • Foundation cracks are common in corners, and off the bottom corners of basement windows.
  4. Standing Water in Basement
    • If there’s any standing water in your basement, even if you can’t locate the source, there’s likely cracks, or flooding in your basement.
    • While the water may be seemingly coming in slowly, water build up and continual flooding can cause greater long-term damage.

If you’re seeing one or more of these warning signs in your basement, we recommend having basement waterproofing done right away – do not wait until there is standing water in your basement. Our basement waterproofing pros are not only seasoned vets, we’re certified in the industry’s leading residential and commercial waterproofing systems. Contact Zander Solutions, and we’ll be on site in no-time for a free basement waterproofing assessment.