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Zander employee drilling into a wall

How Do You Know When You Need Foundation Repair?

Unfortunately, many people find out that their foundation may have flaws when it’s too late—after they’ve already experienced basement flooding. That’s the most common way that people discover they may need foundation or concrete repair.

However, there are other signs your foundation may have issues that, if identified and addressed properly, can be fixed before any water problems spring up!

One of the more obvious signs of a compromised foundation are hairline cracks in the walls or floors. Hairline cracks are a common result of normal foundation settlement, and are usually about the width of a sewing thread. But, if a crack sprouts up suddenly, or if you see a crack that is wider than an eighth of an inch, it’s possible you may need foundation repair. If cracks begin to form out of plumbed walls, it’s wise to call a waterproofing pro immediately.

Another sign that your foundation may need repair is that your doors and windows may become hard or impossible to open or close properly. The increase in humidity (due to season changes or water spills) may be causing your doors or windows and frames to expand slightly, which would result in them not closing properly. However, it is also possible that the shifting soil under your foundation has caused damage to your foundation. If you aren’t sure of the underlying reasoning, it’s better to call your local waterproofing pro for a free foundation evaluation.

Another sign that your foundation may need repair is if the floors or walls in your home start to slope, bulge, or dip. Like doors that won’t close properly, this is typically caused by the expansion and contraction of the soil under your foundation. Depending on the type of the soil, and the climate in your area, these shifts can cause some serious foundation issues that will only get worse with time. Which is why, the earlier you get a professional to properly identify address the issue, the better off you’ll be.

What methods are used to repair foundations?

In many cases, some of these issues can be corrected with non-invasive repair techniques performed by a professional waterproofing company that offers foundation repair—like Zander Solutions. Some of these methods include specialty Epoxy crack injections, which only take a day or two to complete. In more extreme cases, where the foundation is compromised, a structural engineer may be needed in conjunction with a foundation repair company.

I’m seeing some warning signs—what do I do now?

The first step is always to examine the issue, collect as much information as possible, and schedule a free foundation evaluation. The only way to properly identify and diagnose a possible foundation issue is to have a professional examine it. They’ll discuss potential issues in detail, and work with you to determine the most effective and affordable solutions possible.

If your pro does determine there is an issue that requires foundation repair, it’s is always best to be proactive and have the problem corrected as early as possible. Whatever the foundation problem may be, though, Zander will help you find a solution.