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If you’re currently experiencing a water problem, we can help. From existing issues to preventative waterproofing, we’ve got countless Zandertight™ solutions that will get and keep your home sealed & dry.

Our Zandertight™ Solutions



TUFF-N-DRI is a flexible waterproofing material that we apply to foundation cracks, sealing them shut. After the sealant layer, we apply WARM-N-DRI, a high-quality foundation board that assists drainage and insulates your basement walls.

Drainage Tiles & Form-A Drains

Once your foundation is Zandertight™, we use drainage tiles or form-a drains to collect and divert water away from your home. This will keep the water from building up, protecting the exterior of your foundation, leaving your basement water-free.

Footlock Bracing & Sump Pumps

Footlock bracing and sump pumps are used to further protect your home from water-damage. We brace foundation walls to help guide water away from the basement and into a collection basket, where it’s pumped safely away from your home.

"A sincere “thank you” to you, Dan, and the other folks at Zander Solutions who were responsible for waterproofing our house. Like other communities in western Dane County, Mount Vernon received over 11 inches of rain...over roughly an 8-hour period.  Nearby fields were completely flooded and roads below our house were closed for hours but the lower level my house remained absolutely dry.  The life-long friendship of your family, and the support shown to us when we lost our house is so deeply appreciated and treasured. "

- Pat & Perry M.

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