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If you’re currently experiencing a water problem, we can help. From existing issues to preventative waterproofing, we’ve got countless Zandertight™ solutions that will get and keep your home sealed & dry.

Our Zandertight™ Solutions



TUFF-N-DRI is a flexible waterproofing material that we apply to foundation cracks, sealing them shut. After the sealant layer, we apply WARM-N-DRI, a high-quality foundation board that assists drainage and insulates your basement walls.

Drainage Tiles & Form-A Drains

Once your foundation is Zandertight™, we use drainage tiles or form-a drains to collect and divert water away from your home. This will keep the water from building up, protecting the exterior of your foundation, leaving your basement water-free.

Footlock Bracing & Sump Pumps

Footlock bracing and sump pumps are used to further protect your home from water-damage. We brace foundation walls to help guide water away from the basement and into a collection basket, where it’s pumped safely away from your home.

"We called Zander for help sealing-off old windows, fixing a leak in our foundation, and installing a new sump pump. The technicians were on-time, worked quickly, and the work was really high-quality. I would definitely hire them again."

- Ken S.

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