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We’re Now Offering Insulation Services

Getting new insulation for the home is an important step in maintaining an energy efficient environment. Whether old insulation is being replaced, additional insulation is being added, or insulation is being installed for the first time, at Zander Solutions, we now offer quality services by our team of professionals to help ensure the efficiency of your home.

A well-insulated home provides benefits in many ways. Insulation provides a comfortable interior, lowers heating and cooling costs, and increases the value of the home.

Insulation works as a barrier to help reduce heat loss out of the home during cold winter months as well as heat coming into the home during the hot summer months, keeping your home a consistent temperature so you can stay comfortable from room to room, all year round.

The U.S. Department of Energy notes that 49% of a homeowners’ monthly energy bill is dedicated to cooling and heating. The high-cost may be due to insufficient or degraded insulation, or improperly installed insulation. It is the transfer of heat into and out of the home that directly affects energy costs.

It is important to note that each homeowner’s situation differs and the savings on energy costs may vary based on the insulation currently installed, the efficiency of the systems in the home, the home itself, and the insulation products used.

The interior integrity of a home is just as important to potential buyers as the exterior curb appeal. Studies show homes that are up-to-date with appropriate insulation are apt to have a positive market value versus homes with limited or under par insulation.

The area of the Wisconsin homes that often needs the most attention and new insulation are attics.

For attic insulation, our insulation experts can see areas where the insulation has degraded or deteriorated. Our technicians will install new insulation to fill in gaps or areas where the damage has occurred. They do this by installing the blown-in insulation that reinforces and fills gaps to create an air tight seal. The new insulation and air sealing can also be installed directly between the joists in the attic to achieve the appropriate R-value for a specific house.

Our insulation is designed to keep the outside temperature from impacting the temperature inside your home and to keep your desired temperature inside. This effective insulation will not only allow you to better control the temperature throughout your home but will provide energy cost savings, minimizing overexertion of your home’s heating and cooling systems.

Our materials and process are designed specially to meet the recommended R-value, or level of insulation efficiency. For information about R-value, check out the information at the U.S. Department of Energy website.

Insulation also helps to reduce noise disturbances. Whether residents are talking, kids are playing, televisions and stereos are turned up, or appliances are cycling on and off, insulation helps to reduce noise from room to room within the interior of the home. It also helps to provide a barrier from exterior noise such as traffic, construction or neighbors to create a more peaceful environment.


About Zander Solutions

Founded over 40 years ago, Zander Solutions, Inc. provides waterproofing solutions, concrete restoration and repair, foundation improvement, and, now, insulation and energy services throughout the Upper Midwest. Currently the company has more than 100 employees and operates of locations in Verona, WI, Waukesha, WI, and Eden Prairie, MN.

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